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 by Anonymous on Train for Fitness

I started working with Martin at the beginning of 2022.

My aim was to get stronger for my life and my job.  By the middle of last year I was able to lift more and keep up with my children.  I
was no longer afraid my body would give out and I really started to enjoy exercise again.
I highly recommend Martin as someone who has a vast knowledge as a personal trainer, but also someone humble enough to keep up to date with new concepts which keeps the workouts fresh.

 by Anonymous on Train for Fitness

"I've lost 3 stone by working with Martin. The weight loss was mainly through eating healthy, eating less and doing a lot more. I recommend working with Martin "


 by Jane on Train for Fitness

Martin is a Personal Trainer who really plans training to meet individual goals, whilst ensuring you optimise opportunities for keeping fit and healthy.
He is very reliable and has a good rapport and understanding that encourages you to feel motivated and to work hard.
My goal was to loose weight and increase my fitness levels and Martin constructed a training plan using a mix of strength and aerobic exercises that have enabled me to reach my goal, which I am delighted to have achieved.I would definitely recommend Martin as a Personal Trainer, he is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and his warm sense of humour made my training sessions enjoyable.
Jane (65)