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I'm the founder of "Train for Fitness " (established 2004), a mobile gym service that provides everything needed to keep fit for all age groups and abilities from beginners to advanced athletes. In homes, parks or any other variety of agreed locations. My "gym on wheels " is really useful for busy people, be it mums, business men or single parents who want to get fit and shape up but don't feel they have time to make things happen.

Qualifications and background

Martin Sorenson M.Sc. B.Sc (hons) (CSCS)
I'm fully insured within the highest grading of instructor training (level 4)
I have strived for over 20 years to attain the most prestigious qualifications in the industry.

This includes a Masters degree (M.Sc) in Strength and Conditioning, a degree in Sports Science (B.Sc. hons) and certification with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, since 2005.

In addition, along with the qualifications mentioned that qualifies me as a strength and conditioning coach, I had also a varied experience of working with disabled clients, older populations (my oldest client was 99) , and "special populations" with often a variety of health problems.
Often these clients are brand new to exercise and have been referred by their doctor.  
My Cardiac rehabilitation qualification (since 2005) has enabled me to lead classes for those with a history of heart disease. 
More recently I have also taken the later life qualification for falls prevention (postural stability instructor) helping those who have poor balance.
This background has enabled me to diversity my career, pushing me to help  more people, and work with a wider variety of clients. 
My own fitness background includes competitive bodybuilding and (more recently) Olympic Weightlifting.  I have always tried to lead by example and love the discipline of following a sport.